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The advent of cloud brings virtually limitless, secure & reliable computing infrastructure within the reach of just about every one - on demand. It presents a huge opportunity for companies to refocus themselves on their core business instead of IT management. This revolutionary way of IT provisioning also levels the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses to a large extent who until now could not afford the capital outlays needed to procure and operate their own data centers. Not surprisingly, the cloud market is expected to grow at a much faster clip than the rest of the IT industry segments and reach up to 150 billion dollars by 2013 according to estimates by Gartner Inc.

Cloud Benefits

Improved Timeliness, Integrity & Availability of Information

By selecting the best of the breed applications, services and platforms, your organization will reap rich rewards and your users will have access to the right tools and right information at the right time to make the right decision.

Utility like Cost Model

By moving to Cloud, your organization will experience significant bottom line returns with significantly less capital expenses.

Improved Business Agility

By leveraging the on-demand model of cloud computing, your organization will be more agile and competitive and your users will be more productive.

Platform & Location Independence

Standards based cloud computing significantly reduces vendor lock-in leading to increased flexibility and more choices.

Why Exxential?

Cloud Focused

Exxential was founded to help businesses formulate and implement an optimal cloud adoption strategy by identifying and locating computing resources where they make most overall sense and at a pace that meets the organizational goals. We understand that the move to the cloud requires careful planning and must meet the security, availability, scalability, integrity & compliance requirements of the enterprise. Instead of mindlessly pushing all our computing needs out to the cloud to reap simple economic benefits, a successful move to the cloud is possibly only if business applications use software, computing and storage resources from the best source irrespective of where they lie on the network.

The need for better integration, management and governance of cloud based infrastructure has only grown with the emergence of multiple cloud platforms and providers. This means that organizations increasingly need the expertise and experience of a partner who takes a holistic approach towards cloud and the unique challenges that its adoption entails. Exxential provides a complete portfolio of services that ensures smooth transition and management of your computing resources in the cloud in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Cost Vs. Value

There's a big difference between finding the lowest up-front cost and finding the best overall value. At Exxential we leverage our knowledge of cloud technology, platforms and applications to create innovative, high-quality solutions that cost far less to maintain and operate over their life.

Faster Development. Quicker Results.

The speed at which you can create and deploy solutions that support your business is crucial to your success. But solutions development isn't "cookie cutter". We understand each solution needs to be developed so that it returns the best business value. That's why we use multiple software development approaches - so we can take advantage of the strengths of each methodology to provide a framework that best meets your needs. For example, when you have urgent needs that demand an extra quick response, we can expedite the process using our Iterative and Agile methodologies. These methods isolate the specific areas that are most critical to your operations and deliver solution that can be deployed as quickly as possible.

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